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SD Card HD Digital Video Recorder DVR700
SD Card Digital DVR
  DVR700 is a high performance compact digital video recorder, the machine uses MPEG-4 video compression technology, single-channel high-definition D1, 720 * 480 (NTSC) and 720 * 576 (PAL) pixels, frames per second up to 30FPS (NTSC ) and 25PFS (PAL), is a true full-time, high-definition, low power consumption, easy operation, ultra-compact professional digital video recorder. DVR700 support the boot record, motion detection recording, scheduled recording, scheduled recording, full real-time video and other video modes. Machine up to 32GB of SD card, recorded video files stored on the SD card directly. Users can at any time in TV, Monitor. Wonderful view on the computer screen, SD card can also be image files stored in the computer.

1. Using MPEG-4 video compression technology, high-resolution per channel D1/720 * 480 (NTSC) and 720 * 576 (PAL) pixels, frames per second up to 30PFS (NTSC) and 25PFS (PAL); "NTSC / PAL adaptive ";
2. Support the boot record, motion detection recording, time recording, scheduled recording switch, full real-time video and other video mode;
3. Immediately after booting into the video working condition, one-button operation, you can begin to achieve video "Insert the SD card, set the video mode, one button recording. Re-energized, the system automatically set the mode after the video, and automatic recording. "
4. Select the "Dynamic Detection" work state; (to detect moving objects, conduct an automated recording; no moving objects stop moving, then stop recording, simultaneous recording)
5. Choices: start recording, real time recording time; (time period are: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes optional, automatic packaging constitute time; frame rate are: 30, 15, 5 optional)
6. Select: time recording, scheduled recording when switching machines; (degrees at a time can be set to record)
7. Optional motion detection sensitivity, while the motion detection area can be shielded range;
8. To support a capacity: 128M-32GB SD card;
9. Files stored there, "Full Stop" and "automatic cycle cover / storage" in two ways; power-down, SD card data is not lost; image file on the recording date and time;
10. Video package time can be set;
11. Supports a video input, 1 channel audio input, 1 channel video output, 1 audio output; (synchronized video and audio input and output video (recording)); can access the camera directly to provide a stable 12V power supply, and with a power output short circuit protection;
12. Has the simple multi-language operating menu, the boot, no need install driver software;
13. By the time the video you can find or delete the image file;
14. Shown with SD card capacity to support the TV, monitor, audio and video playback on the computer;

15. Host Support infrared remote control function;
16. To support a wide voltage input DC 8V ~ 15V range can be stable;
17. Host applied widely, used in: schools, companies, office, warehouse, workshop, family, community, public space, parking, small private homes, shopping malls, plazas, corridor, road monitoring, etc.

Technical parameters:
Working voltage
Working Current
170mA (only)
Working temperature
0 ° C ~ +50 ° C
Power output (for camera)
DC12V, 1000 mA
Input signal
Video + audio (1 channel simultaneous input)
Memory Capacity
Video format
Video resolution
Frame rate
Video Length
15 minutes / 30 minutes / 60 minutes selectable
high / medium / low
5 seconds / 10 seconds / off
File Storage
FULL-STOP or automaic coverage
Input Impedance
75Ω Typ-p
Output Impedance
75Ω Typ-p
English / Chinese / Japanese
Infrared remote control(remote distance is 8 meters)
Overall size
115 * 100 * 25

Product Configuration:
  DVR700 host 1, AV cable 2, a special DC12V power supply, remote control one, Chinese and English Manual one each